Background and Achievement

  • Background

Besek College , located at No 97 Victoria Street Germiston, was registered in 2014 by the Gauteng Department of Education; on the basis to address some of the societal problems in the country particularly shortages of school at the level of Basic Education and Training. The School has a population of approximately 280 learners and 25 staff including the Principal, Vice Principal, Educators and Supporting Staff, thus a small school with high learners’ attention. Our learners are from various ethnic groups, both within and outside the country; and are expected to adhere, experience and live up to the school values.

Our learners both primary and high, are housed within three floors of the same building . The Foundation and Intermediate phases are on the last floor in a classroom based system. The Senior and FET phases are teachers based in the remaining floors. The Computer rooms, Science Laboratory and Assembly hall are within the first and second floors respectively. The front entrance leads stakeholders into management offices and passages into the two other floors.

Learning, Teaching and Assessment are guided and directed by the relevant Legislative Acts in the Republic of South Africa. Our curriculum is based on the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS); streamlined by the Annual Teaching Plan (ATP).

  • Achievement

The School has experienced growth on enrollment, from 17 learners in 2014 to current number mentioned above. Each year there is an improvement on quality of learning and assessment, demonstrated by reports from the District Office: Department of Education. This improvement leads to records of academic achievement for our learners; and 100% at  Matriculation Examinations. The school had had internal awards ceremony from 2015 on academics, ethics, sports and recreation for its learners.

The school maintains close and values links with other schools in the region; as well the community at large.