Senior Phase: Grade 7-Grade 9

The NCS is equally used as the guiding principles in teaching and learning by qualified Educators.

 Significance of the Phase

An important phase just before the FET Phase. The relevance of the phase is portrayed as a first step towards choosing a career. A phase where proper teaching and learning should shape a learner’s academic life. It is the phase where learners have to decide on subject choices, career direction and possibly work options when they finish school after Grade 12.

We implore the following steps from Oxford University Press, South Africa, to prepare our learners for the phase and beyond:

  1. Develop time management and skills
    Learners get an additional two subjects in Senior Phase. This means increased content and skills, increased homework and increased assessments. Learners need to plan their time effectively so that they are able to complete all of the tasks required of them.
  2. Develop exam technique
    Although learners have done exams in Intermediate Phase, the levels, lengths and volume that are required to learn for the exams are much less. Senior Phase learners need to understand questioning techniques and how to answer questions on the correct cognitive levels. By the end of Intermediate Phase, learners should have developed individual and effective study techniques.
  3. Develop creative, critical and entrepreneurial thinking
    Economic and Management Sciences, Technology and Creative Arts are three new subjects that are introduced in Senior Phase. These all require critical and creative thinking skills. Learners will be required to carry out many more practical projects and research tasks.
  4. Develop research skills
    Research combines analysis and synthesis of information. These high order thinking skills are required in all Senior Phase subjects. Learners will be required to research, process and report (verbally and written) on a regular basis.
  5. Develop independence
    Teachers in the Senior Phase expect the learners to be independent. They need to take responsibility for their behavior, actions and everyday tasks. Parents should be encouraged to allow learners to complete their homework and projects on their own.

Thus, we have the relevant resources, teachers and learning tools, to meet up with the challenges.Teaching and Learning are all CAPS Aligned. Learning subjects are as follows:

  • English-Home Language
  • Afrikaans-First Additional Language
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Technology
  • Economic and Management Sciences
  • Life Orientation
  • Arts and Culture
  • Computer Skills (Extra)
  • Co-Curricular activities( Extra)

We also offer extra activities which are optional at a cost on Saturdays only, such as Stem Education with emphasis on Coding, Robotics etc. and Entrepreneurship for Kids.


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